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    NACHI Certified Home Inspections
    NACHI Certified Home Inspections

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    NACHI Certified Home Inspections

    NACHI Certified Home InspectionsWhat I Inspect

    Benefits of selecting a NACHI Certified Home Inspector
    Why Choose Us?

    NACHI Certified


    Able Inspection offers you a wide variety of services to meet your home inspection needs.

    Because your safety is my pirmary concern, when you book and inspection with Able Inspections, I will do a free Carbon Monoxide test of all your heating utilities.  

    Buyers Pre-Purchase Inspection

    Often, my comprehensive reports are used as a final negotiating tool.  Whether you are buying your first home or buying investment property, I will help you make an informed decision saving you hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars in the long run.

    Sellers Pre-Listing Inspection

    • Allows you to make cost effective repairs before they become stumbling point during the sale; possibly scaring off a potential buyer.
    • Helps relieve a buyers concerns and suspections.
    • Allows you to add professional documents to your disclosure statement.
    • Pre-listing inspections will alert you to safety issues before you present your home to potential buyers.
    • And remember: No one likes suprises when selling a home! When your home is on the market you need to know what I know. 

    New Construction Inspection

    I will work with you to choose a time that is convenient for you and at various points of the construction I will walk you through the process. From footers to shingles, I will get to know your builder and your new house personally while inspecting the construction of your new home.

    Builders Warranty Inspection

    Most new construction homes have a builders 1 year limited time warranty.  I will inspect the house, after it has settled. At this point, I look for cracks and/or shifting and explain what is or is not normal.

    Relocation Inspections

    Often people are dealing with job transfers and new lives in new areas. The last thing you want is unforseen problems with your new home.  As a professional inspector, I understand, and will give you a comprehensive report and answer all your questions as you make your move.

    Home Maintenance Inspections

    Your home is much more expensive than your automobile and you inspect your car annually. A simple check-up at the doctors office will ensure you that you are in good health. Well... What about your home? Most home repairs can be detected before they become major, expensive repairs. Often minor issues are overlooked until it's too late.

    Call and ask about my maintenance inspections.

    You may be surprised at what is developing under your own roof, without your knowledge. I will check for Carbon Monoxide and any manufacture recalls for all of your appliances. If there is a threat of mold production we will find it before it creates a health hazard. Remember it is a huge investment that you are protecting, along with the health and security of you and your family.

    Radon Gas

    Radon Gas is an oderless/colorless gas that has been linked to various cancers and respritory illnesses. I am certified to test for this gas and keep your home safe for you and your loved ones.  

    Learn about Radon Gas:

    Lead Paint

     Able inspections can check your home for lead based paint. I will take a paint sample and send it to one of the leading lab's in the state, where it will undergo a quality inspection and you will be notified of any danger.

    Learn about Lead Paint:

    Water Quality

    I can test your water quality and have the results back with in the week.


    Able Inspections, is qualified and certified in New York State, to test your home for mold.

        You and Your Family's Saftey is My Main Concern!


     Call Able Inspections:   Gary Mulrain (716) 432-7423 or email us at